Why Do I Gain Fat While Bulking?

In this article today I want to go over one less often discussed reason for excessive fat gain during a bulking phase. Now, when most people think about the idea of minimizing fat gains during a bulk it’s usually all centered around the nutritional side of things, learn how to lose fat with GW501516. in particular moderating the size of the calorie surplus being used.

Now, this is obviously hugely important. Your body can only make use of so many calories over a given day for the purpose of building muscle, and if you go overboard with the size of your surplus then the excess calories are just gonna be stored as fat. And I’d say in most cases there really isn’t any need to be eating any more than about300 calories above maintenance for a beginner, around 200 for an intermediate, and even less for an advanced lifter, since the rate of muscle growth is gonna keep slowing down the longer that you’ve been training.

So, yes, keeping your calories moderated is definitely a key aspect of carrying out a successful lean bulk. But it’s important to understand, too, that what you do in the gym is also going to directly affect how much body fat you end up gaining. And I’m not talking about cardio, but instead your actual weight training plan. Most people think it’s all just about diet but you have to think about the logic of what it is that you’re actually doing in the gym.

You’re lifting weights and breaking down muscle tissue to stimulate a muscle building response and then you leave the gym and you consume a surplus of calories that are going to be used to carry out the recovery and the growth process, but the problem is that if your workouts aren’t being implemented properly for whatever reason, maybe it’s too low of a training intensity,maybe it’s not enough total volume or frequency, not applying progressive overload in the right way, then not only are you not gonna gain a significant amount of muscle from your training but that extra calorie surplus that you’re eating won’t have anywhere to go except your fat stores since the muscle building stimulus from your training wasn’t strong enough.

And this often gets exaggerated even further since a lot of lifters go overboard on total calories as well. So they have a poorly structured training program that doesn’t properly stimulate muscle growth, and then they’re stuffing their faces with huge quantities of food, and weight gain shakes, and things like that, because they think that that’s what they need to do in order to get really big. And as a result they end up going to the gym consistently over the course of a few months and they end up gaining mostly body fat, which is a really depressing situation since they then have to go through the whole process later on of cutting in order to get rid of it.

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